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In Case You Missed It: Economic Slow Down, Electoral Motivations, Lebron & Mark Cuban, Contempt All Around, and Viral Fundraising


The international economic slow down seems to be continuing as Eurozone member Spain apparently requires 65 billion euros to shore up their banking sector. Spain has stated they believe 100 billion euros should do the trick, but CNN Money Ben Rooney really hits the nail on the head here when he says, ” It is also unclear exactly where the money will come from.”  I don’t know about everyone else, but I feel like I’ve been brainwashed over the past 5 years to basically believe any astronomical amount of money can just be created straight out of thin air, especially when it’s for the banking sector.


A shocking video of a New York state bus monitor named Karen Klein was released on youtube and proved two things.  1) Yes, kids really do go Lord of the Flies on the school bus and 2) the internet can coalesce people around a completely wacky theme.  As of the writing of this post over $600k had been raised through a viral campaign to send her on a vacation.  According to mashable she won’t even have to pay taxes on this money.


Gas prices have continued to drop to an average below $80 a barrel due to a continued slow down in demand.  Foreign Policy online did a solid piece on the effects of the coming oil crash on international autocrats, and Vladimir Putin in particular.  The article also gives some good perspective on Saudi Arabia’s long economic plan and answers the question of why they would continue to pump so much oil and contribute to the falling price of petrol.  Speaking of Saudi Arabia, the death of Crown Prince Naif bin Abdul Aziz brings to light many questions of succession in the Kingdom that will be interesting to watch as the original sons of Saudi founder Abdul-Aziz bin Saud are all getting really old.


U.S. Attorney General Eric Holder was held in contempt of Congress this week for essentially refusing to share documents pertaining to the ATF program called “Fast and Furious.” Reuters gives a good explanation here of exactly what Contempt of Congress really means.  Being held in Contempt of Congress seems slightly ironic when Congress is in fact held in contempt by the American people,  due to its inability to come to a resolution pretty much anything.  As a side note I feel the media needs to stop asking the question if a decision made in a Presidential election year was made “for political reasons” or because it was the right thing to do.  The answer is always “both.”  For instance, the Republicans’ shameful smear job on Brett McGurk and the President’s decision to use a new legal framework to essentially give amnesty (though Dems have tried to say it isn’t Amnesty) to 800,000 illegal immigrants are both prime examples.  Everything until the election will have some level of political motivation.


Looks like fellow polife writer Joey got his wish this week as Lebron James won his first NBA title.  Though I too was pulling for Lebron I have to say I’m most pleased about what the NBA Finals meant for ESPN First Take and Skip Bayless.  Mark Cuban and Skip went back and forth on Twitter about the NBA Finals and Mr. Cuban decided to fly out to Miami to crush Skip’s soul.  Mark calls Skip out for his massive generalizing, his egocentric outlook on sports, and his utter lack of basketball knowledge.  It’s the worst public thrashing since the Nixon vs. Kennedy debates of 1960, and when Mark asks Skip questions about basketball that he has no idea how to respond to, it’s more awkward than The Office and twice as entertaining.

The Friday Five – Five Quarrels I have with our Underground Transportation System

I will be the first person to admit that I am sometimes unpleasant and have been known to complain once or twice. However, I believe that what I speak of today will be none of this. I also can guarantee that if you have EVER ridden the Metro you have most certainly witnessed and/or been guilty of what I will be highlighting here today.

Yeah yeah, I can choose a different way to get around. That’s not the point. The point is, if you are going to provide a service, especially one that is communicated as environmentally friendly, time-saving, and ‘faster, safer, smarter’, please actually do so. I feel almost daily as if I have been stuffed into a box, where I lack the contortionist abilities that would benefit my travel. I am not a hater on the Metro itself, just often times the folks that ride it. I do ride the Metro and will continue to do so. While no one likes sniffing armpits (see: the orange line any afternoon during rush hour), I do have to say that at least we are more comfortable than Tokyo.

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Groomsman Games: Recap

If you’ll permit me, I’m going to get sappy for a minute.  I had a lot of reasons that I wanted to hold the Groomsman Games.  The competition was as great, as expected.  The shit-talking was epic and endless (as you can tell from the recaps and the comments, we’ll get a lot of milage out of this).  However, the number one reason that I wanted to host the Games was the company.  These guys have been the best of friends and it didn’t feel quite right to shortchange any of them by simply elevating one and putting the rest underneath him.  Instead, the Games gave us an opportunity to share some really great times with some great friends and make memories that will last a lifetime.

Alright, that’s enough sap for one recap.  Below you will find the Groomsman Games recap in superlative form:

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Groomsman Games Event #8: Physical Challenge

You could call my fellow competitors in the GGs a lot of things; fabulously handsome, charming, brilliant, and hung, all come to mind but athletes they are not.  Rudy runs stupid amounts, mostly because that is a sport that requires zero hand eye coordination and you can become good at PURELY through relentless practice, but other than that the rest of the guys are pretty sedentary.  I happen to serve in the Armed Forces and am naturally a decent athlete, but compared to the rest of the crew I’m basically Jim Thorpe.  Thus, the simplest way that I saw to pickup a quick ten points was an all around physical competition.  In order to keep it interesting, make it fun, and harken back to our childhood I included some events I wasn’t totally sure I’d dominate.
I will say that despite the groups low level of fitness, there was absolutely no lack of heart.  Everyone showed up with their heads right and determined to maul each other in every event.  There were multiple dry heaves, some people who slightly tore ligaments trying to throw without warming up, and some blood left out on the field.  There were also some scarred families at the Park but I’d imagine that will be covered in event #9.

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