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The 2012 EURO Cup of Beer Pong Recap

Once a year, The PO Life headquarters opens its door for the commoners and bourgeois to wander in to see how the other half lives. While most would assume that such a socialite event would be catered with the finest wine and cheeses in all the land to the soundtrack of a live string quartet, the reality is quite a stark contrast.

Since we here at The PO Life are men of the people, by the people, and for the people, the extra-curricular actives of the day revolve around fusing together two of America’s greatest past-times: European soccer and competitive drinking. This year’s event paid homage to UEFA Euro 2012, bringing together 32 of the finest men and women in the greater Washington DC area to represent the 16 teams battling for continent domination.

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In Case You Missed It: The All Sports Edition

By: The POLife Staff (yeah, we call ourselves a “staff”)


In a big weekend for sports, Horse-Racing-Triple-Crown hopeful I’ll Have Another was a late scratch from the ol’ racing card when the colt, in an intensely introspective and shockingly self-aware moment, decided that a life of oats and margaritas was preferable to the cruel grind of life on the rail and said, “eff this noise – I’m retiring.” Immediately after the announcement, millions of fake Horse Racing fans asked Siri to change “Belmont Stakes” in their iPhone calendars to “dear God, anything else.”*

*In reality, like 8 million people still watched it. Your guess is as good as mine.

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