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Drew Magary: Rightful Public Enemy #1

Haterade is a vile, bitter substance that we all imbibe from time to time in the same way we do alcohol: We know it’s bad for us, we know that it usually tastes awful, but God damnit it feels so good! My own personal favorite flavor of haterade is the extremely tart, but extra smooth, Kobe Bryant*. But by far the best selling flavor of haterade over the past 2 years has been none other than LeBronamade** As the resident Po Life NBA expert and passionate LeBron lover, I feel the need to stick up to those cyber bullies that like to take the proverbial haterade shower like they just won the Douchebag Olympics. I feel the need to come to the defense of the Greatest Basketball Player in The World, who actually did just win an NBA championship and deserves a real Gatorade shower.

This was after the Redskins finished 7-9, their best finish of the last 20 years.

So when my future brother-in-law and fellow Po Life blogger Clifford showed me this article, which is literally titled, “LeBron James: World Champion Cocksucker,” I knew that I had a new soapbox to stand upon. I didn’t even want to link the article on this post because Drew Magary doesn’t deserve a single hit and is probably the WFG in absolutely everything that he has ever, or will ever, partake in. But I actually have some integrity and want to provide my dear readers with some context to my ensuing rant, so I begrudingly linked his article above. Also, maybe we will get some actual hits that way.

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LeBron James: Wrongful Public Enemy #1

A lot has been said recently about LeBron James, whether it be about his inability to win the big game, his general attitude towards life, or simply people’s general disdain for his existence. He went from one of the most universally loved athletes of our time to one of the most universally loathed athletes in the world, almost overnight. The majority of the haterade being poured all over LeBron is due to the two most dreaded words in the LeBronacular*: The Decision. Let me preface this whole post by saying that not only am I a huge NBA fan, but an overwhelmingly supportive fan of LeBron. But I am going to do my best to create a balanced, and hopefully rational, argument as to why LeBron is very undeserving of all of the hate.

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