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JOBY GorillaTorch 100- What Doesn’t It Do?

Some of you may be familiar with my in depth reporting on the world’s greatest Socks, and how they’re working for me on my stint in Afghanistan.  Since my Sock posting I’ve received a flood  of fan mail asking me one question- “What other cool shit do you use over there that I need to know about?”  Well adoring fans, do I have an answer for you.  This product is an awesome innovation on a completely simple piece of technology-  I present to you, the greatest flashlight known to man.

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Star Wars Holiday Special

There are times in life when the universe gives you an unexpected spring in your step, a nice little cosmic slap in the ass (the good type).  I’m not talking about the,  “OMG, there’s  a Chic-fil-a in this building?”  or the “They have $2 bud lights here tonight?”  I’m talking about taking that level of excitement, and multiplying it by “Kids, we’re going to Disneyland.”  I’m talking about ((this kind of happy)^googol) That is how excited I was when I was told today that there is an actual Star Wars Holiday Special that was released one time in 1978, but can be downloaded on the internet.  I’ll preface this post with the fact that I have not yet seen it.  However, upon hearing about the Star Wars Holiday Special I immediately made two decisions. 1) I will watch it the very first time I hang out with PO and we will play a Star Wars Holiday Special drinking game and live blog about its awesomeness and 2) No matter my opinion on it after the viewing, it will become a family tradition to watch it every Christmas; directly after watching “It’s a Wonderful Life.”  The contrast will be spectacular.