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Groomsman Games Event #10: The SATs

When we first heard of the Man of the Year challenge we were impressed by the creator’s innovation and their implementation.  We loved the whole idea of the Man of the Year as well as several of their individual events.  One event piqued our interest more than the rest though: retaking the SATs.  Now, none of us will ever be confused with great minds like Einstein or Bill Nye but our group is collectively much smarter than we are athletic*.

*That’s damning with feint praise if I’ve ever heard it.

Two of our world’s greatest minds and my two favorite science guys.

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Groomsman Games: Introduction

If you’re reading this blog, there’s a pretty strong chance you know me.  If you know me, there is an even stronger chance that you’ve already heard of the Groomsman Games.  However, for the uninitiated, I’ll start at the very beginning.
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