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The Last Straw

I’m missing three weddings in the next 6 months.  Not just any weddings.  These are weddings I actually care about.  I’m not talking about, oh yah I sorta know you, and you’re throwing a big ass wedding so I’m getting an invite, I’m talking about legitimate people who matter to me.  These are all the things I’m missing because I’m deployed.
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The Friday Five- Five Signs She’s Bat-Shit Crazy

Rudy’s a bit bogged down so I got this one.

Calling a girl crazy is pretty cliche in this day and age.  Anytime a couple breaks up I always hear, “Dude, she was totally crazy,” or “He was just such an asshole.”  Well, perhaps next Friday will be “Five Signs He’s a Raging Asshat,” but not today…  Today ladies and gentlemen, is dedicated to those ladies with a little bit of Britney Spears in them.  I’m not talking about “Hit Me Baby One More Time” Britney, I’m talking shaved head, barefoot, reverted to trailer trash with a baby in her lap while she drives backwards down the 105 smoking a jay and talking on her iphone Britney.  If any of these below signs apply to you, I am by no means saying you are certainly out of your mind, I’m just saying you should probably go see somebody because there is a 95% chance.

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