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The Five Star Wars spin-offs Disney should be making

Star Wars Han Solo

Earlier this week Disney CEO Bob Iger announced there are additional Star Wars movies being planned besides Episodes VII, VIII and IX which will each focus on a stand-alone character.

Alright so this sounds a lot like their approach to the Marvel franchise – which works – but since I’m a baleful movie critic I am not that excited. (Also, my tender inner child is still on the mend from the prequels [they’re all bad, don’t believe Joey’s apologist arguments])

Here’s what we know so far: two movies are in the works, one on Han Solo and one on Boba Fett. Ain’t It Cool News claimed one would be about Yoda but that’s apparently hearsay. (The prequels ruined Yoda anyway, so unless they’re going to delve into his adventures in Jedi afterlife I don’t care.)

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You, Me, and RGIII – The Chosen One

Your weekly recap of the biggest thing to hit Washington since George.

It’s RGesus!

In last week’s installment of, “You, me, and RGIII,” we heard from Rudy, a Redskins fan in his absolute infancy waxing poetic on his coming over to the ‘dark side*’ of things and joining in Skins nation. He was high on burgundy-infused touchdowns and drunk on our golden boy, Robert Griffin III. Things could not have started off better for Rudy or the several thousand other bandwagon fans that are jumping on the RGIII-led train. Don’t get me wrong, I am all for the new fans. When was the last time anybody ever wanted to join the Redskins bandwagon? When was the last time this town was as excited for a season as this? Keep them coming! But seriously, if you jump on after this year, you will forever be considered fake and I will never accept your fandom as legitimate.

*How anybody could pretend being a Redskins fan nowadays as being part of the dark side is beyond me. We have been irrelevant for what feels like centuries, we have a new charismatic superstar who is supposed to bring balance to the force, and our owner is a maniacal, power hungry leader. Wait, shit….

I, on the other hand, am a hardened, bitter, but eternally optimistic Redskins veteran. And predictably, the Redskins brought me to the highest high I have felt for years to then proceed to tear out my heart, Temple of Doom style, all over again. Will I ever learn? Probably not, but that is half the fun.

Rudy learned his first tough lesson in the second game of the season: a small part of what it truly means to be a Redskins fan. After jumping to a 21-6 lead, the burgundy and gold proceeded to shit the bed against a bad team and give away the game in the last 35 minutes with a blocked punt, a Swiss cheese defense that Merkyll and I could have torn apart playing flag football, and one of the most boneheaded plays in recent NFL memory. Welcome aboard Rudy! It’s pretty much this way for 17 weeks a year.

As far as our boy RGIII is concerned? Well, he came to kick ass and chew bubble gum, and fortunately, he was all out of bubble gum. He ended the day with 288 yards of total offense with 3 TD’s, but also threw a rookie-like interception. As a fan, I could not be more excited for the prospects in the future with this kid. He is electric, dynamic, strong, blazingly fast, and an absolute leader on the field. Off the field, he is charismatic, enthralling, personable, and overall a pretty humble kid. There is literally nothing not to like about him. Now, we just have to hope that he stays healthy for his career, something he won’t be able to do if he keeps getting hit like he has these past two weeks.

I think next week will be a good test of RGIII and his resiliency. Will he be able to bounce back from a tough loss and a game that the Redskins should have won? Will he be able to avoid the big hits he took the past two weeks and look to protect himself more? Will he win 2, 3, or 4 Super Bowls in his first 5 years on the Redskins? Only time will tell. Until next week fans, keep on Griffining!

You, Me, and RGIII – A Football Move to the Dark Side

Your weekly recap of the biggest thing to hit Washington since George.

“Only a Sith deals in absolutes.”

I really didn’t want to kick start our weekly RGIII/Redskins commentary with a quote from a Star Wars prequel, but it was unavoidable. Life demands overarching rules (like not quoting any George Lucas film directed after 1977) that apply to all situations. It frees yourself of knee-jerk reactions based on emotional reasoning. And, according to Obi-Wan, it puts you on the path to shooting lightning out of your hands. Which is fucking awesome.

One of my absolutes relates to sports. From an early age, I determined that I should always keep a finite list of athletes that I could never rationalize donning my favorite team’s colors. This list, officially dubbed the Sith List, would certainly turn over as time progressed, funneling out aging veterans in the twilight of their careers and cycling in young guns that will serve as my outlet for voicing pent up, misdirected frustration for years to come. In the event that any of my teams would ever trade for one of these players, I would turn on my master, the only family I’ve ever had, and the society that brought me in as one of their own. I would become a Sith.

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Star Wars Holiday Special

There are times in life when the universe gives you an unexpected spring in your step, a nice little cosmic slap in the ass (the good type).  I’m not talking about the,  “OMG, there’s  a Chic-fil-a in this building?”  or the “They have $2 bud lights here tonight?”  I’m talking about taking that level of excitement, and multiplying it by “Kids, we’re going to Disneyland.”  I’m talking about ((this kind of happy)^googol) That is how excited I was when I was told today that there is an actual Star Wars Holiday Special that was released one time in 1978, but can be downloaded on the internet.  I’ll preface this post with the fact that I have not yet seen it.  However, upon hearing about the Star Wars Holiday Special I immediately made two decisions. 1) I will watch it the very first time I hang out with PO and we will play a Star Wars Holiday Special drinking game and live blog about its awesomeness and 2) No matter my opinion on it after the viewing, it will become a family tradition to watch it every Christmas; directly after watching “It’s a Wonderful Life.”  The contrast will be spectacular.