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He Got Game: Superhero Edition

Advice you never asked for from someone who probably shouldn’t be providing any…

Superheroes are all the rage in the summertime… maybe it’s the spandex…

Superhero movies are back in full force this summer. Two weeks ago, The Amazing Spider-Man swung into box offices, raking in over $200 million domestically and proving audiences don’t mind the super-fast series reboot.

While Spidey’s success is impressive, the year’s earlier superhero blockbuster, Marvel’s The Avengers made $200 million its first weekend, becoming the largest domestic opening weekend in history. The Avengers has gone on to make $613 million in North America, settling in as  the 3rd highest domestic box office draw in history.

But if you think we’ve already seen the year’s high water mark, hold on to your butts. We here at The PO Life fully expect The Avengers’ box office record to fall faster than the Spider-Man series was rebranded when the incredibly successful Batman trilogy concludes this weekend with the release of The Dark Knight Rises .

Christopher Nolan could afford to burn his money from The Dark Knight because he knew he’d make way more on The Dark Knight Rises.

To prep for the weekend’s wild ride, I’m here to tackle a topic of great dispute among comic book readers: What makes a superhero great?

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The Friday Five: The 5 Most Frustrating People to Play Poker With

As noted in previous PO Life discussions our group spent a huge portion of our free time growing up playing poker in myself and McCannon’s basement. We played so much at one point that I have a distinct memory of simply sitting alone at the poker table waiting for people to eventually show up at my house and come downstairs to play… and sure enough some 10 minutes later, McCannon, Clifford, and Eli showed up and we got a game going. Not sure why I was sitting there alone, and also not sure where the hell they came from… but hey it worked out.

As we continued to play we all also continued to improve to the point that relative to others we actually had a pretty legitimate home game going. While some of PO faded from the game, others stuck with it. I and a few others from the PO Life continue to play fairly consistently whether it’s in Vegas, Atlantic City, or everyone’s favorite rundown, disgusting, tacky, overpriced, yet strangely endearing casino – Chucktown.


Like many games, someone’s capacity to enjoy a poker game is only as good as the company they keep. There are always going to be WFG’s, douchebags, assholes, clowns, as well as drunken bigots, hilarious old Asian men, and most importantly those with a complete and utter disregard for the money in front of them. The following composition represents not necessarily the extremes of those types of people, but simply the five most frustrating types of people to play poker with. These are all examples of real people that I have played against and had to deal with; let us simply hope that you never have to experience them.

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In Case You Missed It: King Zuck Weds His Queen, Experience Beats Lob City, and The G8 Hit Chi-Town


Priscilla’s $4,700 dress cost approximately 2.611111111111e-7% of Zuck’s net worth

Facebook continued to dominate the news this week as it turned out a company with $1 billion in profits in 2011 was worth 100x that.  Zuckerberg kicked trading off from Silicon Valley surrounded by thousands of other nerds who worship him, rather than on the floor of the NASDAQ surrounded by investment bankers who not so secretly hate him.  The stock ended its first day of trading near it’s initial selling price, much to the chagrin of institutional investors who had hoped to use their advantageous position to make a quick profit off individual investors (read suckers) caught up in facebook mania.  The stock ended up 23 cents over its initial offering price causing some to say that facebook’s IPO was a huge flop.     A day later Zuckerberg surprised guests, who thought they were attending a post IPO party, by marrying his long time girlfriend in a simple ceremony.  His new wife Priscilla was reported to have asked why Mark couldn’t even wear a tuxedo to his own wedding the day after he became worth $18 billion.  Eduardo Saverin had planned to attend until he was politely asked by America never to return.

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