In Case You Missed it: How to fix the economy, a donkey assassin, Reddit rises and the Holocaust didn’t happen

I hope everyone enjoyed their Labor Day weekend (and the week before) because now it’s time to catch up on everything you missed. Let’s all clear a half hour of our day to peruse links on another episode of In Case You Missed It.

We’re kind of married to this title now but you definitely missed a lot of this stuff and, unlike the former author, I don’t feel like being passive about letting you know it. This story about the Holocaust denier? No way you knew about it. The mayor who got killed by a donkey? I bet that one’s new.

A month ending also means it’s time for one of those fail compilations – it’s hilarious. And there’s only one piece of shark news this week. I know. I’m sorry.

Fundamentally retarded dead bigot’s will says gay son won’t get inheritance unless he marries a woman.

You don’t need actual connections in Silicon Valley, just Photoshop.

Assad claims Syrian forces are gaining the upper hand. On a pro-Assad television station. With no real evidence to back it up. While defections are on the rise. (This is from a month ago [so you REALLY missed it {and I really missed bringing it to your attention}] but here’s a cool interactive map of Syrian defections)

USC is picking a fight with UCLA.

Congressional candidate is Holocaust denier. “It’s the blackest lie in history. Millions of dollars are being made by Jews telling this tale of woe and misfortune in books, movies, plays and TV.” What, there’s no iPad app yet? Also, he’s literally an Illinois Nazi.

Cramming for the LSAT could boost your IQ. Don’t you all go googling logic puzzles at once.

Nobody knows who killed this shark. Nobody except… McCannon!

Texas to build $155M graduate business school. And no, I’m not going to do it. You’re not getting the satisfaction of rolling your eyes to one of THOSE jokes.

What happens to our brains when we exercise?

How to fix the economy.

School making deaf three year-old change sign for name because it includes what could be interpreted as a finger gun.

What’s the #1 cause of pedophilia? Sexy kids. According to this friar, it actually is.

Average bears are actually pretty smart. Yogi accepted into MENSA.

Man made $28k a month writing fake book reviews.

Michael Clarke Duncan passed away. You probably heard about this one.

Donkey assassin kills Texas mayor.

Richest drummers in the world. How does Tommy Lee still have money?

Who will pick college football’s playoff teams?

Other man killed trying to fake a Bigfoot sighting.

Do women have a happiness gene?

How has Reddit become so successful?

New Jersey teacher, Educator of the Year recipient, charged with sexually assaulting her student. According to my girlfriend this is nothing new for the Garden State.

Somewhere over the years, the news media got lost and forgot what news was. Blame 24-hour news which started with… 9/11. YOU GAT DERN TERRORISTS!

Deebo/President Lindberg charged with mortgage fraud.


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