In Case You Missed It: Drunk bears, Shark Week and Marketing is dead

Welcome to another issue of In Case You Missed It.

Yours truly was busy in the middle of nowhere last week and was going through internet withdrawl, but I still managed to find some things you probably didn’t know about.

Here’s what you missed:

Is your iPhone’s flash not bright enough? Try this one.

YouTube will no longer be automatically included in iPhone updates starting… now

When you’re caught breaking the law, just claim it’s for reality TV

Marketing is dead.

Archaeologists find 1,000-year old tea near St. Louis estimated to be six times as strong as coffee. Drinking it induced sweating and drinking too much caused vomiting.

Men tip more when the waitress is wearing red.

“Oh shit it’s the fuzz. Hey 7-year old niece, chuck this half pound of weed for me!”

Shark News!

US asked to put Great Whites on Endangered Species List.

Check out this shark’s smile after eating a shoal of sardines.

It’s Shark Week!

And now back to your regularly scheduled programming.

$14 million in drugs disappear from University of Miami pharmacy.

1.8 million LEGO block map of Japan.

Stressed men like bigger butts. Who knew Sir Mix-A-Lot was just making a cry for help?

There’s probably going to be a third Bill & Ted movie.

Pupil dilation reveals sexual orientation. I recently had an optometrist tell me my pupils were huge all the time. Uhh.

How Eli’s recent wedding could have been so much better…

Last time I smuggled deer genitals in my purse I didn’t even get searched.

Insane Clown Posse take umbrage with the FBI labeling Jullaglos as a gang.

Bears break into Norwegian cabin and drink 100 cans of beer. That’s it?

Two-time Fastest Texter in America wins $50,000. Are you surprised it’s a teenager?

Waterboarding your own daughter.

The Xanax made me run over my husband with my car! No, really!

TSA racially profiles. You don’t say…

Paul Ryan almost chose to be a professional skiier and sports 6 to 8% body fat.

Here’s the moving pictures this week:

Okay this first one isn’t a video but its a bunch of really cool panoramas.

Maniacal movie laughs.

The Blue from Mark Peters on Vimeo.


Hilarious Aston Martin review on CNet.

Louis CK – Apologize

Yo yo in space

Father modifies son’s power wheels car to go up to 66 mph.

And your weekly Simpsons video is:

Moon Pie… what a time to be alive.


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