The Friday Five: The Five Dogs You MUST Own

Have the Olympics influenced you? Have you been outside running, or watching the games with Cheetos crumbs rolling down the side of your belly? If it is the latter, what better motivation is there than to have a running buddy! Don’t be left behind, as with just a few steps to the door you can see people flocking outside to burn some thigh fat by running a few miles. Do the same! Put your sexy spandex on, get your iPod out, and put your favorite Beatles song on:

Do you own a dog? A dog wants YOU to be an owner! Make haste to your nearest kennel, and have a look at today’s dogs you must own.

5. Ashby

Are you kidding me!? Look at Ashby, he is adorable! He loves to be around other dogs so if you are a single guy/lady, take him to your nearest dog park and pick up some dudes/dudettes. He will wear a hankerchief and not look like a ‘40’s ganster, unless you want him to. And look what his bio actually says…this is not a joke: Of course, snuggles on the couch and belly rubs would be a great part of his daily routine. Snuggles! Riddle me this: Who doesn’t like snuggles. I know I sure do. Go to Lucky Dogs and adopt Ashby now.

4. Chancha AKA Frannie AKA You NEED Her

“She’s blossomed into a dog that would make a great addition to anyone’s life.” Is there anything else that needs to be said about her? She may not be a young pup, but she knows how to have fun! If you don’t have a dog, you like to play, and don’t want to have to worry about house or crate training, then she is your girl. What are you waiting for? Pick her up at Lost Dog Rescue this very instant.

3. Mars

And…We have liftoff. Don’t be left behind as Curiosity lands on Mars and Mars the dog might land not in your hands. Do let his good looks fool you, because Mars is playful, fun, and loves to exercise. Are you a runner? He might be able to beat you in a 5k. He is also an avid swimmer, but he won’t win you a triathalon as he has not yet learned how to ride a bike. Test out Mars’ energetic nature, and go to Animal Welfare League of Arlington today.

2. Curious George

Did someone say puppies? Oh my goodness, I can’t handle this. He is not just cute, not just playful, but he is active, too. If you can look at this picture and not ‘aww’ , I don’t want to be friends with you. Curious George wants to live with you and being only 8 weeks old, he wants to grow up and grow old with one of you. Don’t make the mistake of not adopting Curious George, and visit Curious George at Homeward Trails.

1. Lena

Adorableness to the Max! Lena will make your knees tremble upon laying eyes upon her. I am almost at a loss for words as I gaze upon this Pomeranian/Jack Russell mix. Lena needs a home, and she needs it now. It is criminal to leave Lena in a place other than your own home. If you have plans this weekend, cancel them. Go to SPCA of Northern Virginia tomorrow and get a peak at Lena before someone else hugs her away.



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