In Case You Missed It: Seinfeld’s Back, Bikini Hockey League, Bear Invasion and Videos

Another week begins on our blue planet and there’s so much you need to catch up on from the last one. Welcome to In Case You You probably Missed It.

Alan here. Clifford was unable to do this week’s post so I’m filling in at the helm. There’s a lot I want to cover, so in lieu of the usual couple items plus commentary I’m just going to barrage you with news and hope you take something away from one of the stories.

Let’s get started:

Google is going to kill Search Engine Optimization.

The New York Times tackles social kissing. I recently had this issue thrust in my face (literally) when meeting a friend’s girlfriend. What I thought was a close handshake soon turned into an awkward hybrid handshake-double-kiss. She took the handshake about as awkwardly as I did the kiss, so I’m hoping our embarrassment canceled out.

Sad story out of Chicago.

Man broke into homes to watch porn. How creepy is that? I mean, who doesn’t love beating their stack (who has one)? But this is taking it just a little too far, no?

One man’s quest to clear his son of a murder charge.

Revisiting the 2002 Under-18 USA Basketball team, captained by Melo.

Long New Yorker profile on Springsteen. This one’s for you, Rudy.

Sally Ride, the first American woman in space, passed away last week at 61.

Article on shark fishing. Time to face your fear, Cliff and Eddy?

Pitching a perfect game in slow-pitch softball.

Since most of us are Redskins fans (How did that happen? We live nowhere near Washington D.C.), here’s a great RG3 story.

Should Steve Jobs’ path be followed or avoided?

Sherman Helmsley, known for his role of George Jefferson, passed away.

The best tacos in Los Angeles.

Ever wonder what LeBron’s gmail looks like?

Want to know US gymnasts’ secret to hanging on to the bar? Honey.

How do you find old trees?

Railroad company sued after man falls to death while urinating off bridge.

Puppeteer arrested for wanting to eat children. Uh…

Seventeen pound lobster is bought and set free.

Speaking of lobsters, Maine has too many. Why exactly are they so expensive, again?

Malcom Gladwell and Nicholas Thompson talk Track & Field.

Gilbert Arenas is selling his house in Virginia. Don’t forget the sharks come with a $5,000/mo maintenance fee.

Bear family repeatedly breaks into human family’s home… in Bearsville, New York. What did they think was going to happen?

Jerry Seinfeld is doing stand-up again.

Good Samaritans chase down iPhone thief.

Massive beer spill in Maryland. I drove the length of 270 on Friday and probably would have had a conniption fit if I were caught in this.

Neil Reed, the basketball player famously choked by Bob Knight, has passed away.

Boston is going insane over the Red Sox and I, for one, couldn’t be happier.

Defensive tackle on Alabama benches 600lbs. Wow.

The Miami Marlins are run by con men.

An expensive cognac accident.

An even more expensive bridge accident.

Man is charged for feeding an alligator after it eats his hand. Hasn’t he been through enough?

Ah, the ‘ol “I’m Justin Bieber” routine. Note: success rate drops dramatically if you aren’t white.

Warner Bros. is thinking of making a prequel to The Shining. Please don’t.


Matt Barkley begins his campaign for the 2012 Heisman Trophy.

And because 17% of my week is spent finding funny videos, I’m introducing the All New Video Segment(!) of ICYMI:

July fail compilation. Enjoy.

Monkeys love whipped cream.

USA Women’s Soccer Team does Party in the USA. Due to the video’s pixelated still and angle, I wondered how Tom DeLonge made it into the video before watching it. My apologies, Abby Wambach, you’re my chick.

Walrus Michael Jackson is here to save us.

Woman on moped vs truck. Keep watching for the replay at 0:21.

Surprise Mako shark!

Guy pranks his wife on the highway.

It’s like the Shake Weight if the Shake Weight were for your taint. At this point you shouldn’t even bother trying to disguise a sex toy.

Felix Hernandez broke A-Rod’s hand. Ouch.

And your weekly Simpsons video is:

The best of Ralph Wiggum



  1. joeygreenthumb

    Let me just say, I would do literally anything to date Alex Morgan. Holy shit. But on another note, how do half those girls not know the words to that song? Its a classic!

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