In Case You Missed It: A Cost Effective Apology, TomKat, Cooper and Frank, and Pitbull


What I find interesting about this week’s decision to formally apologize to Pakistan for a cross border attack, that from most accounts was justified, is what it signals for the long term U.S. plans for the region.  It effectively states that the U.S. withdrawal from Afghanistan is real and imminent.  The administration has shown no signs of shifting away from it’s 2014 exit deadline, but this is a sign that the administration sees losing some political face is worth the squeeze of a quicker and cheaper exit from Afghanistan.  Internally to the US Foreign Policy machine I wonder how Hilary was chosen to give this expertly worded “apology” which sounds more like a joint saving of face for both parties.  Did Obama call on her to do it because he thought she was the only one with the political acumen? This should have been a DOD apology.  State is apologizing for an SF team killing Afghans?  I don’t get that.  So what is Pakistan getting out of this?  They get about a billion dollars of withheld “counter-terrorism money.”  How anyone can say the money we give to Pakistan is “counter-terrorism money” with a straight face baffles me.


Anderson Cooper and Representative (D) Barney Frank both made more public their sexual orientation this week.  Anderson Cooper’s was a bit bigger of a news piece because the moment he released the news the sound of millions of middle aged women’s souls breaking was heard across the United States.  I have to reprint his comments about it because they’re so awesome, “The fact is, I’m gay, always have been, always will be, and I couldn’t be any more happy, comfortable with myself, and proud.”  Such a classy statement.  Barney Frank’s sexual orientation had been somewhat of an unspoken piece of knowledge in D.C. but was never confirmed until this week when he wed his partner at a private ceremony in Massachusetts.  The bigger piece of news here I feel is his partner is 30 years his younger!  Seriously!?  Why isn’t anyone talking about that?


An absolutely gripping account of an Army widow trying to move on with her life after the loss of her husband in Afghanistan.  I think this is an under-reported theme throughout the Afghan/Iraq wars.  So many spouses living with enormous burdens and trying to overcome their loss.  Heartbreaking read but important.


Pitbull is literally the worst.  Probably the most talentless “musician” (it hurts me to even use that word to describe him) currently making millions of dollars.  However, I will give him some credit for taking it well that he’ll soon be headed to the Wal-Mart in Kodiak Alaska.  Pitbull has some type of campaign to raise Wal-mart Facebook “Likes” where the winning Wal-Mart will get a free concert from the musical all-star himself.  Pitbull apparently is taking it well since he has tweeted jokes about needing bear repellant.  Maybe he’s just a complete hack, and not an awful person.


It looks like my first crush has finally broken free of the clutches of her nefarious husband.  Yes, I’m talking about Katie Holmes, and yes I snuck into Disturbing Behavior with Phil Kipperman in 7th grade.  We did it because we heard she took her shirt off, and she did, and it was so worth it.  Now is my chance; she’s emotionally vulnerable, looking for someone a little less religious, and probably ready to date someone closer to her height…  She’s also surrounded by body guards protecting her from a Scientology hit squad so unless I can get a job on her personal security detachment I’m probably SOL.  Still, I think the Hollywood media loves to exaggerate these things and I doubt Tom Cruise is some evil crazy villain.  They probably were having marriage problems across the board (who doesn’t) and his religious beliefs were starting to play more of a part in their daughters life(that’s why you talk about that BEFORE you get married), but I think the guy is genuinely sad and is interested in legally getting access to his daughter.



  1. Alan

    I’d recommend you make a video asking Katie Holmes to be your date to some ball, party, beer pong tournament, but that well is pretty much dried up.

  2. joeygreenthumb

    Barney Frank has talked about being gay forever. Remember that Colbert skit from awhile back? It wasn’t any secret. Also I fully believe that Tom Cruise is an evil, crazy villian.

  3. Clifford

    I guess I missed the boat on Barney Frank, I courteously apologize to Representative Frank and his husband. (Also, you told me you edited this thing so you’re just as much at fault for not bringing this up prior to publishing)

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