FITS Socks- Indubitably the Greatest Sock Known to Man*

I have to let you in on a no- so-secret secret:  I f’ing love socks.  If I were loaded I would probably buy a new pair of socks everyday for the rest of my life.  In this alternate universe my over-worked assistant would call every store in town trying to find me my beloved Moxon Huddersfields in red,white, and blue for 4th of July (the socks have to match the tie).  When he failed I would fire him on the spot and replace him with Apple’s newest iRobot personal assistant (which wouldn’t even have been released yet, that’s how rich and connected I am), and then I’d buy Moxon Hudderfield’s to ensure I never went without a duet of paw protectors that I desired.

Since this world is not quite a reality yet, I find myself still looking for the best sock that does not cost $400 a pair.  Now before I get into the real meat and potatoes of this post I have to clarify that I will be talking solely of a very certain type of sock.  Being a military man myself I wear boots at work, and I will be talking about the type of sock that gets a lot of wear and tear and that you put serious mileage on.  This sock needs to be warm in the winter, but not be too hot in the summer.  It needs to dry quickly and be extremely durable.  After over four years of wearing boots almost everyday, I’ve found the perfect sock.

The search is over.  FITS sock- Upland Crew Charcoal are Indubitably the Greatest Sock Known to Man* and here is why…

FITS socks are un-freaking-real comfortable.  You know that awesome new sock feeling you get when you put on a pair of toe-huggers right out of the box or bag?  How soft they feel and how every step feels a little bit like you imagine heaven feels like?  Well with 99% of socks this feeling goes away over time; either because you get accustomed to the softness or because they get less soft and comfy after multiple washes and miles of walking.  But not these babies.  I have to mention for a point of reference, that I currently live in Kandahar Afghanistan, quite possibly a place with some of the least hospitable climate and terrain known to man.  However, because of FITS’ other-wordly socks rather than feel like this all day…

Every other sock in the world

I feel like this…

FITS socks: Literally prancing on clouds

Along with being insanely comfortable there are several other enormous upsides to these things…

You know when products that are relatively non-technical, like socks, try to market their products as groundbreakingly (ya, I know it’s not a word) advanced?   You know how that is incredibly annoying and stupid?  Yah, that is true in every other case except for these socks.  That’s because I genuinely believe a crew of master sock-smiths worked in a lab tirelessly for years to develop this Rearden Metal of the sock industry.  My only explanation for why these things haven’t taken off in popularity is that Wesley Mouch owns stock in Smartwool.  All of the stuff on the above picture is fact.  If you buy a pair and disagree then you may have leprosy which can lead to the deadening of your nervous system and would explain why you can’t feel the joy of these socks on your feet.

So where would you expect such a wonderful sock like this to come from?  Tanzania?  Taiwan?  Thailand?  How about Niota Tennessee in the Tennessee Valley.  Which according to the United States Census Bureau, sits on 2.0 square miles of land and has 719 residents.   The company that makes FITS socks is actually called the Crescent Sock Co. which has been producing socks for other company’s to sell for over 100 years.  This family run business decided to go it on their own and are now making  active people happy all over the country.

The cost you say?  They’re too expensive?  Watch my logic annihilate your miserable miserly complaint.  First of all these socks are not very expensive.  The most expensive duo they have costs $25 and these are ski socks, which across the board will cost easily over $25 if you’re buying a good pair.  If you are in the military you have even less of an excuse.  Soldiers spend tons of hours on their feet everyday, and much like the “I bought a super nice bed because I spend so much of my life sleeping and it’s so worth it” argument think about the % of your life you spend walking around or just wearing socks in general.  Let’s do some quick math here…  If you buy 5xPairs of these things at $20 a pair that’s $100.  Everything wears out eventually (though my 4 pairs haven’t shown any signs of wear yet) but for arguments sake we’ll go with having to replace these things every 4 months.  So that’s $300 a year for socks.  Now let’s imagine you only wear these things to work (I’m sticking with the soldier example again) and that’s 10 hours a day on average for 5 days a week- not including field problems or deployment where the numbers are way higher.  That’s a total of 2600 working hours a year.  That’s about 11 cents an hour…  If you don’t think having your feet essentially hugged by the softest puppy you can imagine all day long is worth 11cents an hour then I beg you to never read this blog again, because we just don’t need people like you adding to our visit count.  Furthermore, if you’re a military guy and you don’t use the website then you’re also dead wrong.  This site allows you to get some kick-ass equipment, including FITS socks, at about 40-50% off MSRP.  Making your cent per hour rate even cheaper and thus more worthwhile.

In summation these socks are knock your socks off awesome (I’m sorry, I had to). They feel good, last a long time, are warm in the winter, cool in the summer, they’re made in small town America, and aren’t super expensive.  If you’re an Army guy or gal hit me up and let me know if you need help signing up for, which seriously is a fantastic way to save money on awesome gear.  Even if you can’t get the discounted rate, go out and get a pair of these things.

*My only caveat is that I have not tested every brand, pair, or style of sock on earth but at the current moment this brand is winning by a large margin.

I have zero financial involvement with the Crescent Sock Company.  In fact, until I started researching FITS socks I had no knowledge of the company’s existence.  This is not a paid endorsement, though if the FITS team is reading this;  feel free to ship off some of your Upland Crew Charcoals and I’ll distribute them to our soldiers.  We’ll send pictures of our men wearing them out here and send them to you.



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