In Case You Missed It: Apple Slaps Google, Lebron May Do It, Drake and Chris Brown Scuffle, and Nobody Cares About Golf


President Obama, showing the ever growing power of the executive branch, has decided to allow illegal immigrants to stay legally in the United States.   This was seen by many as a ploy to woo Hispanic voters in the upcoming election, where the Hispanic vote looks ever more critical.  It also shows the President’s incredible frustration with a Congress that has been unable to do ANYTHING.   Romney called Obama’s decision politically motivated (do politicians make decisions that aren’t politically motivated?) but he too may be looking at his own way to entice Hispanic voters in the conservative wonder boy Marco Rubio.  Yet, reaction from the Hispanic community on his credentials remain a bit cloudy.


Drake and Chris Brown were involved in some type of scuffle where a lot of people were hurt, at a night club called W.i.P.- work in progress- which begs the question; why were Drake and Chris Brown hanging out somewhere that Yelp! gives less than 2.5 stars . Furthermore, perusing the Yelp reviews, apparently there was a Stern LGBT sponsored event here back in May which W.i.P. sold 400 tickets to and then only let in 100 people.  (Pretty exclusive place when you only let in 25% of people who paid to get in).  Which takes me logically to the biggest question, why do Drake and Chris Brown hate the LGBT community?


The Heat have won 2 straight games to take a 2-1 lead over the OKC Thunder in the NBA finals. LeBron James is averaging 30 points a game and is proving to everyone that he is the best player in the world. Will this finally be the year that LeBron gets over the hump and wins his first championship? One blogger here at Po Life certainly hopes so.


The US Open concluded on Friday in thrilling fashion, where Webb Simpson took down some of the titans of the game, including Graeme McDowell, Michael Thompson, and Jason Duffner. And by thrilling fashion, I mean Webb Simpson had already posted his score and was chilling in the club house when Jim Furyk was crapping his pants and handing Webb a victory. And by titans I mean three dudes you have never heard of. Honestly, did any of you watch on Sunday? Of course not, because you were too busy doing important things like spending time with family and watching the NBA. I am not even going to dignify any of these guys with a link. If you are so interested, Google them.


Apple has basically pimp slapped google by announcing they’re going to do their own maps on the iPhone.  This is a slightly unique foray into application design for Apple who have let google handle this for years now.  Still, Apple doesn’t usually take things lightly and I’d imagine they’ve had this in the works for quite some time.  Google has a huge head start with street view and probably oodles and oodles of data already into their maps, but my gut tells me Apple has a trick up their sleeves.  Also, this more aggressive approach towards google as a competitor makes me wonder if Apple will get into search?  Apple also announced they would be selling iPhones without data packages.


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