Hungover Discoveries

I woke up this morning after a night of drinking at the house. Went outside to clean up any abandoned cans of beer people may have left, only to come across several drunken friends in the front yard.

Slugs. Overwhelmed by their desire for the sauce, these slugs abandoned all hopes of a life long and happy for that of one ending in a night of binge drinking.  Slugs love beer. Apparently they were real desperate to fall off the wagon, as their beer of choice on this evening was Natty Light.

Why has such a fate fallen down upon these creatures? Why would evolution do this to them? Perhaps, these slugs were simply all adolescents, experiencing alcohol for the first time like I did in high school. Perhaps their deaths, and all other slug deaths worldwide are due to a lack of control slugs have for the sauce. Do they have rehab facilities for slugs who survive the bender?


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