Groomsman Games: The Rules

I’d like to start by giving credit where credit is due. The Groomsman Games concept initially entered our consciousness in a mailbag by ESPN’s Bill Simmons:

A group of friends were seeking Simmon’s help to develop a finale for their “Man of the Year” competition. Their competition included extreme parallel parking, paintball pistol duels at dawn, and the SATs to name a few challenges. We loved the concept and talked endlessly about recreating it. Then we sat on our hands for three years and did nothing.

This Best Man conundrum gave us the opportunity and excuse to execute our own challenge. Here’s how it was set up.

The five groomsman and the groom (you’re damn right I competed) would compete in a decathlon that challenged physical, mental, emotional, and testicular fortitude. Five events would be chosen by the host/groom and each groomsman would be able to submit his own challenge. Each of the groomsman-submitted challenges had to be approved by the host/groom and needed to be executable, fair, and have some connection, however loose, with their collective friendship (specifically relating to Eli). The definition for fair did not prohibit each groomsman from picking a challenge in which he had a specific advantage. He was perfectly free to pick a challenge that he was the odds on favorite to win.

This ain’t your grandfather’s decathlon.

For each challenge, the scoring was as follows:
1st Place – 10 Points
2nd Place – 7 Points
3rd Place – 5 Points
4th Place – 3 Points
5th Place – 2 Points
6th place – 1 Point (a thanks for showing up)

Ties in any specific event would result in the points for the tying place averaged among the tied competitors*. At the conclusion of the 10 events, the contestant with the most points would be the Best Man. The contestants would also stand at the wedding in the order of their placement in the games (with the exception of Eli who would stand on the altar, next to the bride).

*e.g. 3 way tie for 3nd place results in 3.33 points for each contestant (5+3+2)/3=3.33

In the following posts, you will learn about the inception, execution, and results for each contest. The games were as follows:

1. Diablo II (created by Elijah)
2. Poker (Elijah)
3. O’Sullivan’s Trivia (Elijah)
4. Drunk Food Dash (Rudolph)
5. Beer Pong (Elijah)
6. Home Run Derby (McCannon)
7. Drunk Monopoly (Bart)
8. Knock Out (Allan)
9. Physical Fitness Challenge (Clifford)
10. SATs (Elijah)

Up Next -> Diablo II – Event #1

Previously -> Groomsman Games – An Introduction



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